Lacodia Health is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which is currently in development. It's purpose is to provide a direct communication channel between health providers and patients for sharing medical information including tracking symptoms, treatments, tasks, reminders, chat, and appointment scheduling.

Lacodia Health is built on the following technologies

  • Azure Mobile App.
    • Azure SQL.
    • Azure B2C Authentication.
  • C#.
  • .Net.
  • SQLite.
  • Entity Framework V6.
  • Xamarin Forms.
  • SignalR.
  • MVVM pattern front end for UWP, IOS, and Android apps.
  • MVC pattern web back end.



Use KapeeNote as a Notepad replacement tool. Each snipped of plain text can be edited in its own container for ease of use when copying and pasting.

You can download it for FREE in the Windows Store. It runs on Windows 10 Desktop, Phone, Surface, and soon the XBox One.

Download in the Windows 10 Store NOW.

Features Include:

  • Copy Item: Copy the entire contents of the note.
  • Copy Selected Text: Copy what you have selected (highlighted) in the note.
  • Spelling: Toggle spell checking on or off. If a word is misspelled it will show a red squiggly line underneath the word. Right click to correct spelling.
  • Delete Item: Removes the note from KapeeNote.
  • Right Click Context Menu: Right click in the note area and a context menu will appear with commands for Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, and Select All.
  • Pin: To quickly access KapeeNote, pin the app to the Start Menu. Additionally, you can right click on the app in the Start Menu list of apps and choose More > Pin To Taskbar for even quicker access to KapeeNote.
  • Open: Open plain .txt files from your device, including text files which you have saved from KapeeNote.
  • Save: Save current KapeeNote notes to a plain text file .txt. All notes will be merged into one document.
  • Share: If you like KapeeNote and find it useful please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on Share will open up a dialog box which will enable to share a screenshot with applications which are registered with Windows Sharing Service.
  • Settings: Switch between using a light or dark theme.

Lt Calc and Convert is a modern calculator with advanced features designed for ease of use accross the entire Windows 10 platform. Currently nearling Beta, the Application will soon be avaiable in the Windows Store to download for free.

Feature include:

  • Basic calculations using simple math.
  • Scientific Mode with a full range of functions following standard order of operations.
  • History which can be saved as a .txt fil to your device's storage. Especially helpful when calculating a running list such as a budget.
  • Memory for saving results for use later in the calculation.
  • Themes for styling the app your way.
  • Unit Conversion for converting one unit of value into another.
  • Compact design for mobile use, and full desktop design for quick access to the full range of the caclulator's functions.



Convenient carousel for quickly cycling through scientific functions.

Access to full range of scientific functions (not all functions are shown) while in desktop mode.


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