Social Media Appositeness – When, Where, Why, and How

Dec 16 2016

Social Media Appositeness – When, Where, Why, and How

Appositeness is an interesting word. It means to place something well or very appropriately, and I’ve found a good reason to use it my writing today . . . so therefor I shall. Just don’t expect me to use it while in a conversation, I have a hard-enough time pronouncing my own name correctly.

Over the years as I have matured into a well-aged young man, social media has matured too. I once used Facebook almost exclusively to publish my thoughts for all of the world to read, keeping my profile public and gobbling up as many Facebook friends as would accept me. Like any good aspiring politician, pontificating to the masses, just to be able to read my own writing was satisfaction enough to keep doing it. But as the social media landscape has evolved, with new venues opening up and reader’s tastes changing, it has increasingly been the case that some venues have emerged which are more suited to certain kinds of sharing than others.

When it comes to communicating my thoughts, I’m interested in reaching four general audiences. They include family and friends, people interested in politics and leadership, tech and science, and work. With the last two being nearly synonymous, as in my case I work in the tech industry. Interestingly, there now exists three very popular social media outlets which more and more specialize in particular kinds of content. Each of which closely matches my own specific interests –and presumably the vast majority of others too. Hence their popularity.

They include Facebook, which many of my friends and family have expressed an interest in moving towards, or back towards as some might prefer, a more family and friends orientated site. And while I’m no less inclined than anyone else to abuse my closest relationships with an endless stream of political tirades and copy and paste pleas, I’ve long since paired my Facebook friend list down to those few who are actually friends or family, and well, after a half dozen years of indoctrinating posts, I’m satisfied that they get the point. No need to keep inundating their feed with propaganda memes of my most cherished beliefs. By now they’re either true believers or just really, really good friends. Family is just stuck with me.

Then there’s the new (newly popular) kid on the block and that is LinkedIn. Recently purchased by Microsoft, LinkedIn is almost exclusively orientated toward professional collaboration. In the coming months, I hope to see a lot of great new feature from the platform including a more streamlined user interface. Because of its focus on professional careers, it seems to be the most appropriate, or dare I say apposite place to post about tech as it applies to my professional career.

Then there is Twitter. Hum twitter, the bad boy among the trio. How much trouble can one really get into in 140 characters or less? Honestly, when people spend their entire lives preparing to be the President of the United States, or a movie actor, or a scientist, or even a career criminal, it hardly seems fair that some Jo Schmuck can come along and surpass their life long drive toward popularity or infamy with as little effort as jotting down 140 characters. That old quote about life not being fair has never been more true than it is in the age of social media fame and shaming. But like a moth drawn to a flame, how can I resist, Twitter is the preferred garbage collector of everything that one can speak aloud.

Thankfully, those other, not so pleasant thoughts that I have from time to time, which maturity has blessed me with the good common sense to keep just between God and myself, shall, at least for the time being remain so. No promises in keeping one's thoughts to themselves as technology continues to progress. And less that I fail to provide the obligatory warning to the reader, never ever post anything on the internet, even in a private email or text, that you’re not willing to account for to the entire world. Privacy is like your neighbor’s picket fence, it keeps you on good terms with one another so long as the two of you observe the ethereal boundary of a three-foot-high half-missing wall.

So, there it is; My personal delineation between family, work, and play as it pertains to my use of social media. Tune into my Facebook page if you want to be bosom buddies and share photos of our grandkids, or LinkedIn if you’re only interested in my thoughts as they relate to our professional careers, and if you really want to live on the wild side, follow me on Twitter --140 characters could change your life.

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