Lacodia Tech is a Software Development company focused on providing mobile, and Windows solutions to its customers. The company is based in Douglas County Oregon, and is owned by Mark Garcia.


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Mark Garcia
P.O. Box 1976
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
(541) 375-0880


                           Team Leader – Performance Driven – Project Achiever

I’m a passionate developer with strong problem solving skills and a background in implementing new and challenging projects.

I have over four years’ experience working with mobile and desktop development technologies, and over ten years of experience working with web technologies. I’ve developed mobile applications for the Window Store, and having recently completed several WPF controls for a top security firm is Israel. I am currently working on a multi-tenant SaaS application with a multi-tiered architecture including a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin Forms, an ASP.Net backend using an Azure SQL database, and a WPF application for tenant administrative functions.


GitHub Account:

Dev Center Xamarin App, For Microsoft

Project Time-Line: November 2016- Current

Relevant Technologies: C#, Xamarin forms, Prism, UWP, iOS, Android, Telerik

Dev Center is Microsoft's application for enabling developers to monitor their UWP apps in the Windows 10 Store. I am working on porting the application to Xamarin Forms to support cross-platform use on iOS and Android. Additionally, I've been improving and adding various features to the app including: A first run experience, settings, dashboard, search, sorting and filtering. The application makes extensive use of the Windows Store Analytics API. 

CelebPeg, Xamarin Mobile App, For Lacodia Tech Studios (my freelance company)

Project Time-Line: October 2016- Current

Relevant Technologies: C#, Xamarin Forms, Prism, Azure Cognitive Services, Bing Search, Visual Studios 2015

CelebPeg is a cross-platform mobile app which enables the user to take a picture of someone who they think is or looks like a celeb and upload it to Azure’s Face Recognition API, and compare it against Bing Image Search API. The app uses a backend PCL which makes several HttpRequests, returning Json data, and presenting it to the user. The app is built using an MVVM pattern. 


Xamarin Facebook API App, for Lacodia Tech Studios (my freelance company)

Project Time-Line: November 2016

Relevant Technologies: C#, Xamarin, Prism, Visual Studios 2015

A simple Xamarin Forms application with Prism demonstrating how to make an HTTP Request to a Facebook API and retrieving results using dependency injection and IOC with multiple API and ViewModels. It was built using the MVVM pattern.



Timeline advanced control, for CyArx Technologies LTD

Project Time-line: September 2016

Relevant Technologies: C# 6.0, WPF, Custom Controls, Dev Express Controls, Visual Studio 2015

For this company I took an advanced multi-layered control and modified it to meet their use case. This included adding event management using commanding and collections, mouse hover, scrolling, and zooming features. It also involved maintaining the reusability of the control using templated controls, data-templates, and resource dictionaries. Blend was used to generate the geometry for an advanced scrollbar zoom control.

I added a number of PM requested design changes and bug fixes.


Security Configuration Development Tool, for CyArx Technologies LTD

Project Time-line: August 2016 – September 2016

Relevant Technologies: C# 6.0, WPF, MVVM-Light, Visual Studio 2015

For this company I took a photoshop sketch-up of an application and created a pixel-perfect WPF navigation application backed by a collection of login credentials to be used for a security configuration application. I created a sophisticated WPF layout for the application, and used an MVVM pattern to pass parameters from one window to the next.


KapeeNote, Lacodia Tech Studios (my freelance company)

Project Time-line: December 2015 – July 2016

Relevant Technologies: C#, UWP, XAML, LINQ, JSON, AZURE, MVVM, Windows Store

For my own freelance company, I created a mobile-desktop application designed to make copying and pasting small snippets of code easier than either OneNote or Notepad. The app uses Azure’s online data syncing to effortlessly save and sync notes across all of your windows based devices. JSON and LINQ were used to save the user’s data locally. UWP and XAML were used to create a responsive design. I used a home grown implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged, Commanding, and MVVM pattern in the project. The app is currently in the Windows Store, and I am working on a 2.0 version.


HealthCare SaaS Application, Lacodia Tech Studios

Project Time-line: July 2015 – Current

Relevant Technologies: C#, Xamarin-Forms, WPF, SQLite, Azure SQL, Entity-Framework, Azure Active Directory, OAuth credentialing, SignalR, ASP.Net, MVVM, MVC

This is a multi-tiered application designed to provide better patient communications with small independent healthcare providers who may not have a full-fledged ERM solution. It primarily provides symptom tracking and real-time chat features. It includes an Azure SQL database, MVC ASP.Net backend website, Xamarin-Forms mobile patient app, and a WPF receptionist’s app.

Currently, the backend is in place, Microsoft and Facebook logins are working, a Xamarin-Forms app which runs on Android and Windows is being worked on, and the WPF receptionist app and IOS support is planned.


Ricoh Print Specialist, Ricoh America at Mercy Medical Center Roseburg OR

Employed: October 2014 – June 2016

Relevant Technologies: Printers, Copiers, Firmware, Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows XP, Windows 7, WPF, Visual Studio 2015

· Ricoh Fleet Management – Launched a new service site for Ricoh at Mercy Medical Center, Roseburg OR. My responsibility primarily focused on analysis and optimization of Ricoh’s copier and printer fleet.

· Device Management - Worked extensively with SMTP, Telnet/SSH, certificates, firewall rules, and some Powershell.

· Teamwork – Worked closely with CHI’s network teams (Wipro) to isolate and fix various network issues.


Website Design Instructor, Umpqua Community College

Employed: April 2014 – June 2014

Relevant Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

· Teaching – Website design for continuing education class.


MessageUs, Xamarin Android Mobile App, For Lacodia Tech (my freelance company)

Project Time-Line: March-May 2013

Relevant Technologies: Xamarin, Android UI Controls, C#

A simple android app using Xamarin which passes simple message between clients.


Director of IT, TMS Call Centers

Employed: August 2012 – February 2013

Relevant Technologies: SharePoint, SQL, Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, VOIP

· Team Management – Management of ten-person IT department.

· Client Account Support – Led team in providing excellent backend support of call management software for company’s client base.

· SharePoint– Designed and launched a SharePoint Intranet and customer support ticketing site. Provided reporting to business owners.

· VM’s – Extensive use of Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 SP2.

· PBX & VOIP – Managed an IT team using a Mitel switch with thousands of routable numbers.


Software Development, Lacodia Tech Studios

Owner: July 2013 – Current

Relevant Technologies: C#, UWP, XAML, LINQ, JSON, AZURE, MVVM, Windows Store, Xamarin-Forms, WPF, SQLite, Azure SQL, Entity-Framework, Azure Active Directory, OAuth credentialing, SignalR, ASP.Net, MVC DNN, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Json, SQL, Photoshop, Azure

Besides the two projects listed above, KapeeNote and the SaaS Healthcare app, I have over the years worked on various other projects including:

· Unity Game Development: Created a working prototype for a tower defense game.

· XNA Game Development: Worked with XNA to produce a small game engine for a spaceship blaster game.

· Xamarin: Worked with Xamarin when it first came out to produce an Android chat application using C#.

· Website Design: I’ve built dozens of website over the years on the DNN (DotNetNuke) platform. Primarily this has been work designing and developing front end configurations and themes, managing the DNN platform, modifying SQL databases, modifying ASP-Net modules (controls), and customizing open source JavaScript libraries.

· DNN Skin: I’ve designed and released on GitHub a bootstrap skin for DNN. This involved implementing Bootstrap within the DNN skinning infrastructure using HTML, CSS, and ASP.Net.


Technology Consultant, Lacodia Tech

Owner: June 2004 – July 2013

Relevant Technologies: Windows Server 2003-2012, Windows XP, Windows 7, DNN

· SBS – Designed and deployed Windows Small Business Servers (2003/8), including Exchange and SharePoint for various small businesses and the City of Canyonville, OR.

· Operating System Support – Installed and supported Windows based systems, as well as some experience with Linux, including Raspbian, Mint, and Manjaro.

DotNetNuke CMS Solution – Build database driven websites for retail customers, including the Floor Brokers using the DotNetNuke platform.
Software Developer – November 2015 – Present; Owner operator of Lacodia Tech Studios.
Ricoh Print Specialist – October 2014 – June 2016; Mercy Medical Center.
Website Design Instructor – April 2014 – June 2014; Umpqua Community College.
Director of IT – August 2012 – February 2013; TMS Call Centers.
Technology Consultant – June 2004 – November 2015; Owner operator of Lacodia Tech.
Logging, construction, and millwork – August 1991- June 2004
E6 Quartermaster – Jan 1981 – July 1991; Naval Submarine Force, Naval Submarine Group 9 Operations.




o    Visual Studio

o    C# .Net 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0

o    Visual Studio 2008-2015

o    Blend 2015

o    WPF

o    UWP

o    XAML- XML


o    PRISM

o    MVVM-Light

o    SQL

o    Entity-Framework

o    JSON

o    LINQ

o    Git

o    Team Services

o    Azure

o    ASP.NET

o    MVC

o    HTML

o    CSS

o    Bootstrap

o    JavaScript

o    JQuery

o    WCF

o    SignalR

o    Power BI

Other Skills 

o   MVVM Pattern

o   Dependency Injection

o   Inversion of Control

o   S.O.L.I.D. design principles

o   3D Vector Graphics

o   Windows Server 2008 R2


• Past elected Board Member Tri City Water and Sanitary Authority.

• Website Administrator church, past admin for Lions District 36E, and many others.

• Past Secretary, and Volunteer Firefighter Tri City Rural Fire Protection District #4.

• Past President Tri City Lions Club (Chartered the club).

P.O. Box 1976, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457   ♦   (541) 375-0880      ♦